Friday, June 10, 2011

last day of school

leah's last day of school was friday, june 10th. she figured she'd go out with a bang by wearing her back pack all by herself and stepping off the front porch with no assistance from mom. for those who are unfamiliar with leah and her apraxia, this task is downright incredible. she definitely got a few cheers from behind the camera. 
her classmates simply made me melt each day. they are the sweetest bunch of kids i've ever laid eyes on.  
her teacher, miss jenn, and her one-on-one aide, miss eleanor, will be missed immensely. leah was in this classroom with these two longer than any others before. they believed in leah more than we could have dreamed.
the kiss was well deserved.


Shannon said...

hooray for Leah and her last day of school! AND for stepping down off the porch. She's amazing and that's that!

I love that you are a blogging fool today, Maren. Keep it up!

Colleen said...

Way to go Leah, you kill it in those shades girl!

Colleen said...

i love the look on her face while stepping off the stoop...what a brave girl! em looks at me like i'm crazy when i'm trying to get her to step down but i know one day she'll surprise me :) way to go leah!

Karen Hauley said...

One of my favorite things while you were gone was walking up and down the stairs with leah. She got so much better each day and was soooo proud of herself when she made it up or down those 15 steps! Love these pictures.

carolee said...

Oh, sweet Leah. You are too cute for words.