Thursday, November 12, 2009

conversations with a piano student

this just happened. too funny {to me at least} to not record:

Background: student is learning a recital piece composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So, we were practicing saying his name.

Maren: "Do you know who Mozart is?"

Student: "No. Is he famous?"

Maren: "He is famous. You'll probably play more music that he wrote at some point."

Student: "Oh. Well, I think I know another famous one."

{Pause...he is waiting for me to tell him more famous composers}

Maren: "Beethoven?"

Student: "Yah. I know Beethoven." {Pause} "He wrote about the lion, right?" {Pause} {Confused look on my face} "The lion has a baby." {Pause} "They go on an adventure?"

Maren: "The Lion King?"

Student: "Yah. Did he write that?"

Maren: "Um, no. Elton John wrote that music. But he's famous too."

Student: "Did Beethoven write a movie?"

Maren: "No. Just music."

Student: "But isn't there a movie about Beethoven? I think a dog dies."

And we're done. I seriously was trying to hold in my laughter. I couldn't even answer. We just started his lesson instead. I love the way this little person's mind works and how it connects the most random things.


Julie said...

If you didn't live so far away, I would wonder if somehow Adam was one of your piano students. Your story sounds sooooo much like it came straight from Adam.

Rob and Marseille said...

lol! What is the going rate for piano lessons in CA? How old is your youngest student, what age do you like them to start at?

Jessica M said...

Love it. Working with kids brings such zest to life, doesn't it?