Sunday, November 29, 2009

gratitude: day 28

today i'm grateful for modern medication.
especially: vitamin i, vitamin m, and vitamin, ibuprofin, migraine medication and trazadone.

really, though, i am very grateful.

and this is coming from a girl who has only EVER taken aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofin and low-dose over-the-counter migraine medication her whole life {plus disasters below}. they tried to give me the 'good stuff' after i had leah and it made me feel so strange. so out of control. so i just lied and told the nurse i felt fine. i didn't, but i'd rather feel not fine and in control than feel goooood and have no idea what is going on. i've never had cold medication or allergy medication or anything.

this is coming from a girl who, when her step-dad removed her wisdom teeth, he had to give her nine shots of novocaine on one side. when i could still feel the pain, we just went ahead with the extraction. the other side was given seven shots...and when that didn't work, the tooth was just pulled with pain.

this is coming from a girl who, after throwing up on a car ride to southern california, didn't want to take pepto bismol. everyone assured her it would feel better of she consumed it. she did consume it. she didn't feel better.

this is coming from a girl who, along with her three travel buddies, took a sleeping pill on a 13 hour plane ride to hong kong. aforementioned travel buddies were OUT. that girl was wiiiiiide awake for 13 hours.

this is coming from a girl who gets frequent migraines, but knows {look at that history, folks} that there's a good change high doses won't work magic on her, so she goes with the prescribed amount of over the counter fixes.

you'd think, after all this, i just wouldn't be grateful for modern medicine. but i am.

i do try my best to find a natural remedy {e.g. sleeping off a headache, de-stressing, exercising, eating right}, but when that doesn't work, i'm grateful there are other options. i'm glad i can reduce the pain a little bit after a 20 mile run. i'm glad i can wake up without a headache once in awhile.

i tried my best to help leah stay asleep without medicating her. but when the screams continued and the layton family was on the verge of imploding, i'm grateful modern medication came to the rescue.

i'm actually grateful i've had examples of how too much medication can be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing, so i won't make the same mistakes i've witnessed. but i'm grateful it's there to help us, in the correct dosage, and the correct usage.

and with that, i'm going to bed. and i'm pretty sure i won't wake up until morning. thank goodness.

i'm so grateful for modern medication.

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