Sunday, November 15, 2009

gratitude: day 14

today i'm grateful for naps. mmmm, naps. i love naps, don't you?i haven't been able to take many naps lately...and believe you me, i've needed them.

yesterday, we all took naps. leah, ryan, me and my brother dan's house. leah started to scream. i thought ryan would be nice and go get her. ryan thought i would be nice and go get her. we were both wrong. dan went to get her.

yay dan!

he said he held her for a half hour until she calmed down again. and then he went back to sleep. now that's a nice brother. and it was a nice nap.

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Karen Hauley said...

And Dan said he lookied into leah's eyes and he saw her . . . she's still there. love you guys.