Friday, November 6, 2009

gratitude: day 6

today i'm grateful for the backyardigans.not only are they excellent dancers who sing very catchy lyrics, they keep leah {okay, and me} entertained for hours. the only time i let her watch the backyardigans for hours is during the middle of the night. her whole body gets excited when she hears the very first notes of the intro play and pablo rises into the screen. and she gets sad the second she sees them running into their houses for a snack. she really knows that means it's ending.

my mom and i used to watch the backyardigans on saturday mornings after we would run. not together. we'd each watch it by ourselves. and then we'd call each other and say how funny that morning's episode was. we often use the songs in our daily conversations. "eureka!" i have one of their songs on my running playlist: "racing day, it's racing day. it's not doily lacing day. today's the day we race." uniqua and I have eerily similar pilot costumes.

and i'm not even ashamed.

we love the backyardigans.


dani said...

Have you seen the yeti episode? Chris and I always yell at each other "YETI YETI YETI YEEEEEETI"

See! This is why I need a kid. Excuses to watch the backyardigans!

Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

I also LOVE the backyardigans. I always push my kids into renting them from the library. :) For some reason my favorite episode is the perfect cup of tea. Pip-pip...cheeri-o!

Karen Hauley said...

Oh, yes! Backyardigans! So many great lessons, incredible creativity, and we can't say enough about the amazing dancing. I'm so glad it puts a smile on leah's face - (and maren's and karen's).

JAZKK Low said...

I am glad you came out first to. 5 pm. Everyday. I LOVE THE BACKYARDIGANS! They help me make dinner, they are funny, and like you said, excellent dancers. I think Zach likes them too. Hey often asks me if I want to go to his house for a snack. :)