Monday, November 2, 2009

gratitude: day 2

today i am thankful for technology, namely, the internet. i just spent a loooong time researching all about our family's new companion and the information at my fingertips is amazing. i kept thinking how awful it would be to not have this information {and therefore, understanding} about bean's recent diagnosis...and that would have been the case just years ago. i'm able to keep in contact with so many friends and family members through the internet. i'm able to keep an up-to-date 'journal' of the goings-on of my family because of the internet. i was able to watch various sessions of my church's general conference streamed live on the internet just weeks ago.

i taught a young women lesson a few weeks ago on avoiding degrading media influences. i think sometimes we focus so much on the bad that can come from the internet and other more recent technologies {and oh how much bad there is}, that we tend to forget the good that can come from them. heavenly father has given us incredible advancements in technology to be used for good - and i'm so grateful for that.

p.s. today ryan said he is grateful for cake. mmmm....cake.
p.p.s. ryan also said, after reading this post, "thank goodness for al gore."


Ryan Burt said...

Yes. Thank goodness for Al Gore.

My prayers are with you guys.

Karen Hauley said...

I'm thankful for Ryan's (and Ryan's) sarcasm. I also spent a lot of time last weekend researching the Internet about Rett Syndrome. I too, am grateful.

ed and kelli said...

oh, rynit. i look it up whenever my internet works...and try to think how i can help in a cure:) dream big, right?

mab said...

Thank you for your grateful comments. I, Mary Ann Bauman am grateful to know and love Maren. You have always been an example to me. I heard about Leah's condition. My prayers and heart are with you. You are amazing to even approach life with gratitude--Thank you. I love the BYU outfits! Go Cougars!
Mary Ann