Sunday, November 22, 2009

gratitude: day 21

today i'm grateful for dried apricots.

and fruit leather.

really, i am.

a few years ago, my step dad dried a bunch of apricots from the trees in our yard. i fell in love. i was a bit obsessed. so much that he had to ration them. i seriously was not allowed to touch any of them. he counted the ball canning jars. counted them, folks. he would have known if i had taken one.

but, he has so kindly given them to me as gifts throughout the years and i am giddy when i receive a jar. he just gave me one for my birthday last month. i'm eating them very carefully. i don't want to be wasteful. i'm not sure when i'll get another jar.

i'm hoping this post will soften him up a bit so he will ship one off for christmas. hint, hint.

however, if i can't have dried apricots, a pretty good equal is one of these beauties:

you can get them from costco. but not here. i know...unfair, right? but they do sell them in utah. i'm not sure what my favorite flavor is. grape? apple? raspberry? apricot? i don't know. i just love them all.

so, if anyone is wondering what i want for christmas. {1} dried apricots from my mom and step-dad's tree. {2} fruit leather.

i'm going to go eat one right now.

p.s. whoever thought to buy these on our trip to st. george this summer was brilliant. whose idea was that?


dani said...

Quit adding to his ego, Maren.
I mean it!

chrisbrems said...

Don't listen to Dani, I feel so important that I could contribute something that made it in your top 30 list. It was brilliant.

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

I couldn't agree more! I love the Stretch Island fruit leathers from Costco. The only problem is that I can eat the whole box in a matter of a few days... Its hard to exercise self-restraint when they are just such a good go-to snack. Also, your post about Twi-hards absolutely cracked me up! I love it.

Karen Hauley said...

The dried apricots are rationed because we only get apricots on those trees about once every 7 years - most of the time they freeze. I've never tried the costco brand - I'll have to check it out.

Molly said...

Don't too many dried apricots give you the runs? Wouldn't that make you want to limit them yourself?? Haha. While I'm just a regular fan if dried apricots, I'm a HUGE fan of fresh ones. My parents have 2 trees and I love love love them right off the tree.

Rebecca Parker said...

yet another reason to visit your fav cousins in wa...i just found out via my temp job that those Stretch Island ones are made here:) we might have to tour next summer?! i'm working on another present for you that was supposed to be for your b-day, but with any luck will get to you on Christmas!