Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gratitude: day 17

today i'm grateful for anesthesia.

what an incredible thing! today little miss leah went in for an mri. and because not many two year olds {leah included} can sit still for an hour while a machine pounds oh so loudly around them, they had to put her under general anesthesia.

the nurses and volunteers were wonderful.

and our friend kathy the chaplain even made a visit to make our stay more comfortable. in fact, she's the only one who was able to calm leah down during the first part.

they gave leah an oral medication to help her relax. and relax she did. it was kind of funny to watch. then they were able to put her out with some "watermelon" gas. that's when we had to leave the room. yes, i cried a little. so strange to see your little one so still on the table and you know it's not just because they're sleepy. when she was all the way asleep, they gave her the iv and performed the mri.

she slept during the entire experience and it even took her more than an hour after that to come out of it. now she's just floppy on the couch with ryan watching some movies.

i'm just grateful she didn't feel any pain - and won't remember any of this after today.

thank goodness for anesthesia.

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ed and kelli said...

oh bean. you are a champ to go through what you have gone though already in your little life. i love you. can you come visit me PLEASE?!