Thursday, November 12, 2009

gratitude: day 12

today i'm grateful for running.

i'm not fast. i'm not naturally adept. my form is atrocious. i basically look ridiculous when i run. my shoulders hunch {i'm workin' on it}, my knees twist and my legs flare. and sometimes i feel horrendous when i do it. but, i love it.

{beautifully sweaty maren at mile 8 of the nyc marathon november 2008}

it's such a great release. a needed one.

and it gives me energy.

like this morning, when i had had less than 5 hours of sleep, i met a friend to run at 5:30am. that's early. and i felt it. i nearly fell back asleep after debating whether or not i should really get out of bed...but i didn't. i got up. i got dressed. and i ran. and 5.6 miles later, i felt great. it was a perfect way to start my day. and i'm pretty sure if i had gone back to bed, i might not have survived this far into today.

i have great friends to run with. it's time to catch up on each others' lives. share our sorrows and joys. and just get our own time outside the house. my friends help push me physically and i've done things i never thought i could do {ahem, marathon} because of them.

there are days {sorry, friends} when i just need me time. all by myself. alone. i've had some of the greatest runs of my life all by my lonesome. i ran my first-ever 16 miler by myself. i still remember some of the things i thought about, some of the songs i listened to, some of the things i saw.

my health has improved because of running.

my confidence has increased because of running.

my relationships have been blessed because of running.

i'm sane {well, sort of} because of running.

i'm grateful for running.


Ryan said...

you do look funny while running, but pretty cute afterward.

Karen Hauley said...

And because of you - I started running. What a blessing. I treasure the moments we have run together - but I completely understand the alone time. You are an inspiration. And I agree with Ryan, you look very cute after you run.

chrisbrems said...

What a great sport, so many advantages. I hurt my ankle at bball and haven't run for a couples of weeks and I feel horrible, I don't know how people don't run.

t.t.turner said...

This post is wonderful. I want to exclaim "AAAAMEN!"

Morgan said...

i am thankful for running too. even nate notices a huge difference in my well being when i don't get to run as much. running is the best medicine!

Molly said...

I don't think you should ever have to apologize for enjoying running alone. I know we make it a pretty social thing, but lots of people like running alone. And that's just fine. :) I can't wait to start running (alone and with YOU!).

Nathan and Whitney said...

I totally agree with you. Running makes me sane! It's crazy how hard it can be to start and yet how different life is when it's over. Yeah for running!!

Michelle said...

Wow! 5.6 miles at 5:30 in the morning. Yep, again I am impressed. Go Maren!

JAZKK Low said...

You can talk while you run?