Thursday, November 5, 2009

gratitude: day 5

today i am grateful for big brothers. i have two of them. they're pretty cool. i didn't care much for them when i was little...mostly because they sat on me or chased me around the house with knives when they were left in charge {although this backfired later on when i was left in charge of them...mwah ha ha}. they told me a watermelon was going to grow in my stomach because i swallowed a seed. they cut my jump rope and bent my hula hoop.

but i like them now. and i miss them. and today is one of their birthdays {happy birthday, scott!!}.

i remember when i was little they also hated each other. in fact, i still consider it a miracle that they talk today. but they do. they're actually great friends today.

my brothers are two of the most different people in the entire world. sometimes i wonder how we all came from the same family. but, then i realize how cool it is that we're all so different and still such good friends. i think we all add such a great mix to the dysfunction and craziness that is our family.

i'm grateful for big brothers.

but i'm not grateful for goatees. gross. both of you.


KaraLyn said...

I agree. :) You have awesome brothers. I miss you and your family.

Karen Hauley said...

I'm grateful for my children - all of them. You are awesome.
p.s. Richard wants to know when you're going to do a post about how you're grateful for dried apricots.

Dan and Heather said...

I didn't know we were dysfunctional! and fyi I don't have a goatee anymore....I have gone with the full beard. can't wait to see you in a week

ed and kelli said...

don't forget the time they broke your boom box because they were rocking out to footloose in the backyard. oh brothers.. we love you, but i agree the facial hair is not becoming.

mj said...

i have no recollection of that, kelli. expound.