Friday, November 20, 2009

gratitude: day 20

today i'm grateful for twi-hards. you know: team edward vs. team jacob.
kelli is rolling her eyes right now. ryan is barfing. but hear me out.

twi-hards. pure entertainment, i tell ya. pure entertainment.

i've read the books. i liked them. i didn't love them. i liked them. i did NOT like the 2nd one and i'm not sure how i would feel if my 13 year old daughter was reading the 4th one. but whatever. sometimes you just need a book to escape reality, right?

well, that's what i do.

some people confuse these story lines with reality. i'm friends with some of them. and it's pretty funny to watch. grown women gushing over edward. or jacob. or both.

last year i went to the midnight showing of twilight on opening night. i met some friends there and some of the girls they were with were dressed as blood types. yup. blood types. i'm talking red clothes with signs that said "O negative" or "AB positive" hanging around their necks. as if their particular cullen crush just might prefer their flavor to a friend's? girls were reading the book in the theater before it started. devouring the book. i'm not sure why they needed to bring the book; they had most of it memorized. and that was proven by the trivia game that was played theater-wide. the questions asked were unbelievable. the fact that people actually knew the answers was even more so. my twilight trivia knowledge goes as far as main character's names and if they're human, vampire or werewolf. and even that's hard to keep straight!

but, it was truly entertaining.

this year, i opted out of the opening night showing. but the email invite i got from my friends said they were going to wear all white with glitter on their faces and as many diamonds as they could find. it would have been a sight to behold, i'm sure.

i did, however, catch the 5:00 matinee with two friends {and one of their husbands...i think he got points for going or something} today.

no crazy costumes. not a ton of heart-sick girls. i think the matinee isn't much of a twi-hard magnet. but there were some shrieks in the theater when jacob showed up with his shirt off. and when he almost kissed bella. and when he took his shirt off. oh, and when he took his shirt off.

someone sitting next to me {i will not name names} even said she wished she was taylor swift at that moment.

attractive, yes, he is. but somehow i just can't have a crush on a 17 year old. it's illegal at best.

but, it is entertaining to watch when others have their crushes.

so, today i'm grateful for twi-hards simply for providing entertainment. a smile on my face. some days that's all you need.


Ryan said...

lame. i just ralphed on the keyboard, which is making this tough to type.

Ben & Eva Pearson said...

I love this post. For some reason this movie has turned me into a twelve year old girl all over again. But no, I didn't dress up :)

thebakerbook said...

Ditto. Saw it last night with a packed theatre (not one person other than our group over the age of 16). I was annoyed at first at all the screaming but finally gave in. It was a fun energy. I think i will see it again so i can catch some of the dialouge.

Karen Hauley said...

I'm with Ryan on this one. Just not my kind of entertainment. Sorry.

ed and kelli said...

i did indeed roll my eyes. before you could even type that i would. twi-hards... barf.

Jen said...

Ha ha ha....cute post Maren. My take on it is, is that there were glaring holes in the story (book and especially movie), and the first movie offended any shred of artistic sense that I have in me. The second movie was, like you said, entertaining (moreso than the first movie). All in all, good entertainment, but I don't get the infatuation part of it. I kind of make fun of it in our Christmas card this year. :-)

Joy said...

I am not a Twi-hard but I enjoy the storyline and entertainment! I admire the people that love it so much that they are not to proud to get into it. I am somewhere in the middle- I loved the movie, and have to admit that I sighed a little during the shirtless scenes, hehe.