Wednesday, November 11, 2009

gratitude: day 11

today i'm grateful for my freedom.

and i'm grateful for those who fought so i could be free and who are fighting so i can continue to be free.

i would never suggest that i know the answers for peace. my religious beliefs are such that peace will not come until after periods of war and unrest. lots of wars. fought on lots of different fronts for many different reasons. but there will be peace.

i'm grateful we can take one day to pause and remember those who fought for our freedoms...our lives...our families. and who continue to fight.

i remember as a senior in high school, i had the opportunity to sing in a veteran's day concert. as we sang patriotic hymns accompanied by a full orchestra, all veterans in the audience stood to be recognized. i remember tears swelling up in my eyes. at the time, i wasn't sure why. i think it was the first time i had really thought about the individuals who had sacrificed for me. then i thought about all those soldiers who weren't in the auditorium because they paid the ultimate sacrifice.
i remember interviewing my grandpa before he passed away. i was fascinated by the stories he told about his naval service in WWII. how they changed him. how they changed his family.

{cannon perry smith, wwii}

i remember exchanging letters with my uncle who served in the vietnam war. physically, he survived. but i think part of him died over there.

i can't completely understand it, but i'm grateful.

for all those veterans and current servicemen and women, i am grateful.


Emily said...

This brought tears to my eyes! My grandpa served in the Navy during WW II and he was not the same after the war, according to my Grandma. He would get night terrors and went through so much to give us our freedom. I wish more people would value freedom, thank goodness for people like our Grandpa's who fought in war and bore the burden

ed and kelli said...

i love everything you are grateful for. i miss prampa. he had some good stories. and uncle dennis has some interesting stories too.. but i agree.. the veteran's day concert brings you a whole new outlook... i LOVED singing at it.

Karen Hauley said...

Thanks for this post. I love the picture of daddy reading his scriptures. It puts it all in perspective.